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Your health in your own hands

The first consultation involves an intake. We discuss your medical background, the state of your health and your lifestyle. Next, we together define the themes and health problems or changes you wish to achieve. The methods are adjusted to suit your requirements. The consultation is based on an equal practitioner/client relationship.

The consultation is a process comprising three elements:

Embodiment: training to enhance physical awareness and using manual Somatic Movement techniques, posture education according to the Alexander technique and DNA Thèta working on healing at physical and energetic levels.
Embracement: verbal dialogue helps you to embrace your complaints and to understand how to place them into the bigger context of your life.
Empowerment: through verbal or, if desired, creative expression, the expression of your experiences will be enabled. This will help you integrate healing at cognitive level also and own your healing process.

* Reserve some time after the treatment. Sometimes, the effect can be felt several hours afterwards. You will be fully dressed when you undergo physical techniques. Please wear clean, comfortable clothes.