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Strength and pleasure thanks to Somatic Healing

A paramedical natural health consultation is aimed at you achieving strength and pleasure in life. Consultations with Jordis | Practice for Somatic Healing reinforce your joy in life as you imagine it. In the vision of Somatic Healing, pain is stagnated energy that once freed by the natural health process, again becomes available as a source of creativity and vitality. Using the five principles of natural health, Jordis helps you to reveal the story behind your complaint.
This can lead to healing on all levels: emotional, physical, mental, energetic, etc.

The five principles of natural health therapy:
•Energy – forms the basis of life and flows through the meridians of the body – blockages are dissolved.
•Conveying of impulses – manual techniques aimed at connective tissue and the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) help to restore the balance of the nervous system.
•Drainage – manual techniques based on lymphatic drainage will help cleanse the system.
•Nutrition – Nutritional advice specifically tailored to your physical condition, in order to let your body function optimally.
•Psychosomatics – body and mind form a whole; listening to your body reveals the truth about your physical ailments and helps you heal on a psychological and emotional level.