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Your health in your own hands

You hardly realize it, but your body is a treasure of knowledge. Your body often detects something’s wrong before you do.

A curious paradox. Because your own body is you and yet you don’t listen to it enough.

If you were to listen to it more often, you would discover that your body has its own memory and rhythm. Not just in your mind but also in your heart, in your belly, your legs and even in your little toe. Question them, listen to them and you will discover that the answer to your complaints lies embedded in your own body.

The paramedical natural health therapy you can undergo at Jordis | Somatic Healing will help you discover your own intrinsic healing power.

The practice is based on a holistic way of working and follows the five principles of natural health therapy, which are: energy, conveying of impulses, drainage, nutrition and psychosomatics.